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Haute Coiffure Française

Empreintes Collection - Fall-Winter 2011-2012

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In this collection, Haute Coiffure Française, under the guidance of artistic director Laurent Decreton, blows a breath of hot air onto the winter cold. Hot materials, colours and textures set the tone with gentle movements which embellish cuts of all lengths. This season, there are no rules, just a desire for changes and hairstyles as different as femininity can be, depending on the day or the time. For him, a bad boy look revisited, with a well-groomed head of hair that radiates high-class allure.
Long unstructured cut, created using point cut technique and twisted, producing an unkempt look in the natural falling of the hair. it is dried with the fingers using texture expert mousse volupté. The mid-lengths are straightened with irons, creating splits on the lengths to produce a full effect. The general style is held in place using Tecni.art fix design. Colour: a post-holiday blonde colour created with highlights using l’Oréal Professionnel Platinium plus on a base coloured with Inoa and a few copper highlights. Here and there, a few light blonde strands brighten the layers, creating a sunny effect in the depths of winter.

The whole head of hair is pulled into a ponytail between the vertex and the forehead area, where a long hair pad is fixed. The fringe is created by winding the whole of the ponytail with its fine strands forward and placing it on top of the head, fixed with pins and held with l’Oréal Professionnel Infinium hairspray. Colour: halfway between honey and gold, the hair shimmers in the sunlight, in a harmonious but uneven style. Inoa colour is added for extreme shine, emphasised with a few copper highlights.

Movements towards the front and fluidity add femininity and sensuality to this short cut created by cutting with scissors using the point cut technique, keeping depth at the nape. The hair is dried naturally with the fingertips towards the front of the face using Tecni.art Air Fix to add texture to the lengths. Colour: gold and almost white light add radiance to this head of hair highlighted with multiple blonde shades using Platinium plus creating an effect that changes subtly with movement.

Man cut on a layered base, thinned out at the tips, the hair is unstructured, twisted and feather cut upwards in an uneven fashion to create a full but very soft effect. The hair is dried naturally with the fingertips and the lengths are defined with texture expert tendre forme. Colour: hair highlighted with a series of tones layered one on top of the other, and a few blond or platinum blond strands to give the look a personality and a sensuality touch. Highlights applied on a Luocolor base using Platinum plus to bring out hair’s light-reflecting qualities.

INSIDE11 Collection - Spring-Summer 2011

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Ode to a vaporous and exquisite beauty… Mutinous or glamorous, the INSIDE women embraces her femininity. The urban male captivates and uncovers her. Free from restraint, she dares to try a short cut, with its dreamlike effect. INSIDE, Haute Coiffure Française’s Spring-Summer collection, is an invitation to a journey within to discover the secret to her beauty.

SHORT CUT • A dreamlike effect for this short, spiky cut, with a radiant sheen enhancing the tips. Created with fix move and finished with air fix, both from tecni.art. Hair colour: base shade in chocolate brown from Diacolor Richesse, tips lightened with Platinium+ highlights from L’Oréal Professionnel.

LONG CUT • An asymmetrical fringe sits over intense layers for a new, ethereal glamour, dressed in soft copper. Hair beautified with texture expert Curl satin and finished with infinium 3. Hair colour: Inoa golden copper dark blond from L’Oréal Professionnel.

STYLE / UP-DO • This “mutinous angel” wears the striking contrast of a smooth up-do and oversize volume. Created and finished using infinium 3. Hair colour: base shade Inoa golden copper dark blond with Platinium+ highlights, and polished with Diacolor Richesse in honey, to enhance the oversize volume.

MEN’S CUT • Short sides and a decidedly unstructured top give this urban cut its signature look. Textured effect using MAT by L’Oréal Professionnel Homme, for a natural look. Hair colour: shine effect with Diacolor gelée from L’Oréal Professionnel.

Icônes Collection - Fall-Winter 2010-2011
Icônes represents the divine feminine, for women with timeless allure.

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Francois attended the prestigious Haute Coiffure Francaise show in Paris, and is the first to bring this exclusive collection to Atlantic Canada.

Resolutely modern, the Icônes collection from Haute Coiffure Française reveals an image of mysterious beauty, elegant and precious. Cuts with blown volumes and fringes with layered effects highlight a natural style with sophisticated, structured volumes.

Salon François Moncton Member of Haute Coiffure Française

Inoa Colour Specialist
Kerastase paris